Invitation For Proposals

Invitation for Proposals


Invitation for Proposals



This is to inform to interested real estate agencies/agents in Switzerland that the Permanent Mission of Nepal in Geneva intends to purchase a suitable building for the purpose of residence of the Head of Mission. The Mission, therefore, invites suitable proposal from authorized real estate agencies/agents. Proposal should be sent electronically or by post to address of the Mission by 6 pm of 18th November 2019.


Requirements of the building:


  1. At least 5 bed rooms and 1 additional separate room for service staff,
  2. At least 4 rest rooms/bath rooms,
  3. One living room with capacity of 20 persons or more with a rest room,
  4. Well-equipped kitchen and a dinning room with seating capacity for 10 persons or more,
  5. A garage of 2 vehicles or more inside the premise and parking place for at least 5 vehicles outside the compound.
  6. Amenities of walk-out basement, store room, study room, lawn and garden,
  7. Facilities of central heating/cooling, cloak room, laundry room,
  8. 1000-1500 square meter surface area of the building (desirable),
  9. A place for reception inside the compound which can accommodate 100 or more guests,
  10. Newly constructed or well-maintained building renovated within 15 to 20 years.
  11. The location of the building within 10 km from Palais des Nations.
  12. The building area/location in or around diplomatic mission area, or under regular coverage of diplomatic security,
  13. Reasonable and competitive price offer as per the existing market conditions,


Further information or copies of documents to be submitted with the proposal

  • Valid documents related to measurement of ground and building coverage area, building map, design and construction of the building, details of surface area, net habitable area
  • Documents showing the date of building construction, completion, renovation with estimated life span of the building.
  • Payment of necessary fees and payment modalities including installments schemes, down payment, deposit, registration fee, notary fee, real estate commission, if any.
  • Any other relevant details of the building
  • Copies of professional/work authorization/license of the agencies/agents issued by the competent Swiss authorities and certified by notary

Only selected proposals will be notified and invited for final negotiation.

Independent property valuation and technical home inspection, if necessary, will be carried out for selected property prior to negotiation.

Full payment of the deal will be subject to the purchase authorization from the competent authorities of the Swiss Government. In case no approval is received, full amount of advance payment/deposit will be returned to the Mission account.

The Mission reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal without giving any reason thereof whatsoever.


The Permanent Mission of Nepal

81 Rue de la Servette

1202 Geneva