Message from the Ambassador

I extend a very warm welcome to everyone who is surfing this official website of Embassy/ Permanent Mission of Nepal in Geneva. I believe that the information on Nepal’s foreign policy and diplomacy as well as various activities of the Permanent Mission / Embassy would be useful for the visitors, including those who are seeking our services.

We will keep on improving both the content and outlook of the website. We commit to provide our services as efficiently and effectively as possible. We are open to suggestions, views and comments to improve our service delivery. Your valuable feedback, insights and advice will therefore be meaningful in making this website more informative and relevant.

The Embassy/Permanent Mission serves two concurrent functions. On one hand, it represents Nepal to the United Nations Office and World Trade Organization based in Geneva and a number of specialized United Nations Organizations based in Geneva, Rome and Nairobi. On the other hand, it serves as Nepalese resident Embassy in Switzerland, and non-resident Embassy to the Italian Republic.

Thank you for visiting the website and taking an interest in Nepal!

Deepak Dhital
Ambassador/Permanent Representative